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Our Philosophy

The transportation industry dates back to the first economies. Since that day, technological advances and visionaries have made the industry go from a horse and carriage to fast and convenient trucks, planes and boats. The real evolution is always carried by people though technology. RM logistic understands this principle; this is why we have grown from a simple transport brokerage firm into a leading firm in logistic technological advances.

RM logistic is continuing to expand and now offers online support to all its partners (clients and carriers). This will allow us to provide you with timely answers to your questions and simplify your shipping process.


Our experts combine decades of experience in the most demanding logistic markets in North America.

Over the years, RM logistic has built a team of transportation specialists that is tailored to our customer’s needs. Our forward thinking philosophy has attracted proactive logistic specialist that have been trained to offer the level of satisfaction that our clients expect from our organization. Our dedicated support staff are waiting for your call to begin moving together to optimize your logistic equations and bring forth innovative transport solutions.

When you e-mail or call us, one of our team members will be there to assist you and will follow-up to ensure that you have received the information you were looking for.